Knowledge Management and Learning Management System (Edu-Space)

Learning Management System that will enable students to maximize their full potential and teachers to improve efficiency and quality.

The idea behind LMS is to offer a flexible environment for learning and working online with integrated tools. LMS goes far beyond the idea of learning being confined to courses as a lot of other learning management system do. LMS can rather be seen as a type of library providing learning and working materials and contents at any location of the repository. This offers the possibility to run LMS not as a locked warehouse but as an open knowledge platform where content might be made available for non-registered users too.

Flexibility brings with it more independence for the student but also the need for more self-direction and self-motivation. This is very empowering for many students; however, these traits are not to be found in all students at all times, and without careful management, some students can flounder.There is a difference between delivering content and facilitating learning.