Academic Information System (AIS)

Academic Information System (AIS) is a Student Management System for Schools, Private Institute, Institute of Higher Learning and Training Academy. Built on today’s leading edge Internet technology, AIS is comprehensive, easily implemented and user friendly.

Students access this system via their web browser and many operations can be completed through the AIS, such as: enrolling for courses, registering for courses, registering electronically , signing up for exams, accessing study results in the Electronic index, having access to the Study affairs department’s electronic workflow applications and many other features regarding their study programme.

AIS offers the robust functionality you need to manage the entire academic processes and student life cycle starting from course planning, student enrollment, and class registration – providing a centralized data warehouse that gives you a single source of information to make well-informed financial and operational decisions in real time.

Today, it is the most affordable Student Management System available. AIS modular architecture allows you to add on when needs arises, ensuring that future school operational will still be functional.